How it works?#

NOTE: Red Engine has been renamed as Rocketry


This documentation is out of date. The project continues under:

There are four core components in Red Engine’s ecosystem:

  • RedEngine: acts as the top level interface

  • Session: handles the configuration and act as a medium level interface

  • Scheduler: handles the flow of the system

  • Task: handles how to execute a task

Additionally there are several subcomponents:

  • Condition: A statement that is either true or false depending on time or state

  • TimePeriod: An abstraction of time elements to define time intervals and periods such as today, specific time of day, week etc.

  • Parameters: Key-value pairs that can be passed to tasks

  • Arguments: The value of the key-value pair of a parameter

The loggers of the system use logging library’s loggers which are extended using Red Bird’s RepoHandler to enable the log records to be read.

Flow of the system#

system flow

Task execution#

task execution